*ice flowers in March

Guess what! –
It's snowing at comfy minus 5 degrees ;)

At sunrise I was able to observe a big male pheasant in the garden,
absorbing the first sun beams,
before a blanket of clouds covered the sky again.


*in the mountains

Music: Coyotes – Modest Mouse

More snow – birds – walks
mountain views – our anniversary – sledging



When the first tulips of the year are moving in,
it means spring can't be far aways anymore!
I love all kind of spring flowers,
right now I have a bunch of daffodils next to me on my desk :)


*fairytale winter forest

This was such a neat and "uncluttered" forest,
it seemed so surreal somehow with the white ground and the spaces between the boles.


*silhouette mint

My friend Irina gifted me this silhouette mint, a custom stamp maker, to my birthday!
First I was sceptic, but after I tried it out, I got hooked!
I took some of my older designs and transformed them into outline pictures so I could use them to create stamps. And it worked really nice! The only downside is, that you can not use normal ink pads, because the relief is not deep enough, instead you have to apply specific colors, but once you have applied them on the stamp, they get absorbed and so you can stamp multiple times before you have to use new ink. I really like the result! What a lovely little tool!
What do you think?


*poppy and ladybugs

I enjoyed drawing these so much!
Hope you like them as well!


*a lonely cloud

Soon the light will change
and the dark days will be hazy memories.


*spring flowers

Right now it is snowing like crazy.
I am at the point where I feel saturated with winter, especially after our mountain trip.
Now I feel completely ready for the more outgoing seasons.
Therefore I am drawing spring flowers and creating new patterns.


*tulip home

{Music: Spring – Shelter 2}

Home – bulletjournal – oil burner
Sunny dog – new postcards – snail mail
tulips – drawing with ink – winter bunny